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Abstract & Creative

Abstract & Creative

Abstract photography, sometimes called non-objective, experimental or conceptual photography, is a means of depicting a visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object world and that has been created through the use of photographic equipment, processes or materials. An abstract photograph may isolate a fragment of a natural scene in order to remove its inherent context from the viewer, it may be purposely staged to create a seemingly unreal appearance from real objects, or it may involve the use of color, light, shadow, texture, shape and/or form to convey a feeling, sensation or impression. The image may be produced using traditional photographic equipment like a camera, darkroom or computer, or it may be created without using a camera by directly manipulating film, paper or other photographic media, including digital presentations.

Explore abstract photo ideas,
from close-ups to motion blur.

-  Play with perspective.

-  Get ready for a close-up.

-  Create abstract landscapes.

-  Explore the world of texture and light.

-  Capture objects in motion.

-  Dive into post-processing.

-  For more detail see the link below for the full article from Adobe.

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