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Street Art

Street Art

Street Art is a unique and colorful art form that is found in all kinds of nooks and crannies in cities all over the world, but how do you bring it home with you? Capturing art in the streets in photographs can be tricky because these urban art pieces are in public spaces that are busy and usually filled with a decent amount of traffic.

Street art is any kind of art put up in a public space to be enjoyed by everyone. It’s most commonly used to describe murals and graffiti on walls and open spaces, but it can also include sculptures, video projections, and other mediums.

Street art has a wild history. It has gone through quite a cycle ranging from an illegal activity that police and city officials were aggressively pursuing and now it is celebrated and encouraged with those same cities paying artists to participate. It’s been associated with punk rock, hip-hop, socio-political movements, and even gang activity; however, it is now a major attraction for many visitors to different cities as well as locals who want to capture some photos and enjoy the colorful displays. This roller coaster history is what makes public art so interesting.

A few street art tips ...

-  Do research and create a plan.

-  Move Around to Change Your Vantage Point.

-  Include Other Elements in Your Photo.

-  Details, Details, Details.

-  Great for Portraits.

-  Consider the Artist.

-  Utilize HDR Technique.

-  Consider Aperture Priority.

-  Have Patience.

-  Always have your camera with you ready to take a shot.

-  Explore the art of editing.

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