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Black and White

Black and White

Black and White photography is a form of photography that can be perfect for inspiring artistic output, but it’s also a helpful practice for learning the foundational skills of photo composition, without the distraction of color.

The importance of black-and-white images.

When photography was invented, all photographs were monochrome (black and white, blue and white, or brown and white), using the available materials of the time. Today, “Black-and-white photographs can be a lot of things. They can exist in the commercial realm, they can be fine art, they can be documentary or scientific in nature, they can be made on film or digitally.


A few Black and white photo tips ...

-  Find inspiration in shades of gray.

-  Understand your camera and settings.

-  Train your eye.

-  Experiment with different exposure and contrast levels.

-  Explore the art of editing.

-  Understand the elements of black and white photography
(shadows, contrast, dark and light tones, shapes, texture, composition, emotion)

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