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Wildlife & Animals

Wildlife & Animals

This gallery includes a variety of Wildlife & Animals photos. This includes animals found in wild spaces and public spaces including wild animals, domesticated animals and also pets.

Wildlife photography is one of the most exciting photographic genres out there, and is a popular genre of photography, done by beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Technically speaking, it involves shooting any type of animal (from birds to insects to butterflies to mammals). But wildlife photographers most commonly photograph mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds.

Note that wildlife photos don’t have to depict animals that are truly “wild.” You can photograph animals in a zoo, and plenty of viewers will still call it wildlife photography. But there is an ongoing debate among wildlife photographers about whether photographing captive animals is acceptable, and so it’s for you to determine where you draw the line.

In Wildlife photography there are three broad types of wildlife photography, though plenty of wildlife photographers participate in all of them:

1. Mammal Photography

Mammals are what most people think of when you talk about wildlife. This category includes a lot of the classic wildlife subjects: polar bears, black/brown bears, wolves, bison, elk, deer, lions, tigers, etc.

2. Bird Photography

Bird photography has quite a few devotees, many of whom confine themselves solely to birds. Because birds are so small and fast, bird photography often involves the most expensive equipment (and a lot of frustration in the field!).

3. Underwater Photography

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