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Lifestyle photography is an umbrella term for any style of photography that aims to portray people living their lives. A lifestyle photograph might include elements of landscape photography, portraiture, street photography, and fashion photography. From momentous occasions to the little moments of everyday life, get snapshots of the world and people around you with this style of candid photography.

Lifestyle photography aims to capture real-life situations in an artistic manner. The purpose of this type of photography is to share people’s stories through candid, unstaged scenes. While a lifestyle approach can be taken in any people-centric type of photography, many consider this style to be best represented in family photos.

Helpful Photography tips ...

-  Wake up early, and Stay out late.

-  Research the area and locations you plan to visit.

-  Never stop learning.

-  Rules of Thirds in photography.

-  Experiment with compositions.

-  Don't underestimate the human element.

-  Patience is everything.

-  Pack smart and stay alert of your surroundings.

-  Understand your camera and settings.

-  Always have your camera with you.

-  Explore and get lost on purpose.

-  Always make sure you’re shooting RAW.

-  ALWAYS backup your photos at the end of each day.

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