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Six Photography Books to Add to Your Christmas List

It is that time of the year again where you are looking for presents for loved one and friends.  Photography books are always a great gift for the photography enthusiasts you know. Below is an article by “Paul Warning” on fstoppers listing Six Photography Books to Add to Your Christmas List.

Santa’s coming! And for many photography enthusiasts, that means gear! For the luckiest amongst you, it might mean lenses and bodies. Others might be looking forward to a Loupedeck Live or Simplr Strap. That stuff is fantastic, too. For me, though, wedding photography is my job, and I don’t ask Santa for gadgets because I buy them when needed. Instead, my family now usually asks: “which book do you want for Christmas?”

My books are my small luxury in life. Some people love fast cars and designer handbags. I like to sit at my table with a fresh coffee and a photo book. When I’m out and about, I also prefer reading from paper books rather than endlessly scrolling Instagram.

And so, you could put all of my books into two vast categories. Books I look at, and books I read.

The first group, photo books, is filled with nostalgic, thought-provoking, and beautiful photography books. I will often pick one up, flick through the pages for 10 minutes, and then pop it back on my shelf. I may not touch it again for months, but I usually see or absorb something different each time. Some of them are substantial coffee table books.

My reading books are still photography-related. These are often instructional books by authors like Brian Lloyd Ducket or David Gibson. They may also be inspirational or just pleasant to read. These smaller books slide into a bag and come with me everywhere I go until I’ve read them cover to cover.

You may be different than me. Perhaps you don’t want to collect many books. You may want one book that will take you a year to read in your spare time. On the other hand, you might be looking for a big book to sit on your desk and inspire you in times of boredom. Or, just like me, you want all the books you can get your hands on.

So, I’ve listed a few below, some from well-established photographers or publishers and a few lesser-known ones. I urge you to also look for your own; it’s a personal journey.

Why You Like This Photo

Unfinished Stories

Where I Find Myself

Street Photography Pocket Guide

100 Great Street Photographs



To see the full article  and details on all the books listed above, follow the link below to the post on fstoppers.

Six Photography Books to Add to Your Christmas List

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